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Builder Gel reconstruction 50 ml - TRANSPARENT Strong LCI

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  • WHAT IS STUDY? New formats, improved formulas, products created to reach maximum effectiveness levels! From the synergy and research shared with the best professionals in the Nails sector, the LCI Cosmetics STUDIO line was born!
  • Without harmful substances
  • 120 second LEDs
  • Ready-to-use reconstructor, professional result. STRONG DENSITY
  • Lasts more than 4 weeks

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Reconstruction gel 50ML - TRANSP.
STRONG density

THREE-PHASE gel for the reconstruction of medium/high density

Transparent or Camouflage gives shine and its exceptional flexibility will allow your nail to perform natural movements without it peeling or breaking.

Nail reconstruction with paper is used to stretch the nail and during this process the beautician or onychotechnician will give the right shape and size to your nails using usually a monophasic gel or acrylic.

The papers are placed in the lower part of the nail, where the gel will then be put to give greater length to the latter. The gel hardens as a result of the polymerization of the UV lamps and the paper is removed so that the nail can be further refined with the desired shape and any enamels or decorations can be applied.

How do you do nail reconstruction with the map?

First you need to get the material indicated below. You can buy the products you need separately, or rely on a nail reconstruction kit that contains everything you need.

Before seeing how to proceed, remember that this treatment lasts from four to five weeks, but obviously much depends on the stress to which the nails are subjected: heavy and manual work or use of chemicals tend to shorten its duration.


BASE coat or BASE dryfix


Gel for highly viscous three-phase system

Graph papers


Enamels and necessary for decorations

UV lamp


How to use

1 Push the cuticles with the spingicuticole and remove the skins with professional tools or using the Cuticle Remover LCI;

2 Mattify the nail with the 100/180 file;

3 Remove excess dust with the nail brush;

4 Dehydrarate with Nail PREP;

5 Apply PRIMER and wait for it to dry completely, in the air;

6 Spread a thin layer of classic BASE COAT or dryfix LCI and *polymerize;

7 Spread the Builder Gel LCI by rounding and curing, in case of elongation apply the Builder Gel LCI directly on the paper or artificial nail and polymerize;

8 Remove the dispersion layer with Cleaner and shape the nail.

9 Proceed with the reconstruction depending on the result you want to achieve (*semi-permanent or French manicure).

*N.B. At this point, if you want to apply the semi-permanent follow the classic procedure


180'' with UV lamp 36W

60'' with UV/Led lamp

Here are also some tips to get a nail reconstruction with perfect papers:

1 act precisely and pay attention to every step

2 do not make reconstructions and do not use gel on nails that have mycosis or flaking

3 avoid holding the reconstruction for too long, take a break between one reconstruction and another


★★★★★ Review with photos or/and videos and get a discount coupon.