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Acid Primer 15 ml LCI

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  • Gives the nail polish a longer life
  • Guarantees a super adherence of the Base coat
  • Air dry


Acid Primer 15ml

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Super and extra durability adhesion, this guarantees acid PRIMER LCI to your Gel reconstruction or semi-permanent application.

Acid acid PRIMER on greasy nail surfaces is used. A fat nail is highlighted by several aspects:
- nail tends to be glossy, even shortly after matting with file
- soft and elastic nail

Super and extra durability adhesion, this guarantees PRIMER LCI to your Gel reconstruction


Nail preparation Accessories: Gloves - Lima - Tronchesina - Finishing block - Push cuticles - Pressed cotton pad - Disinfectant - fluidpro®

Let's put on the gloves and get started.

1 We vaporize the customer's tools and hands with the disinfectant. We dry our hands well with a towel.

2 With tronchesine, we cut the excess cuticles

3 We push the small cuticles along the perimeter of the nail, using the cuticle push or orange stick

4 We use the file (side 180) to give the preferred shape to the nails

5* We take the finishing block and evenly mattify the nail

6* Now with a cotton pad moistened with fluidpro, we clean the surface of the nail from the dusty residues

It starts by spreading a uniform layer and not too abundant exclusively on the surface of the nails: it is important to be careful not to touch the cuticles and skin around the nail, which may be damaged.

During the application it is recommended to use a mask.

The primer should be left to act for one to two minutes: when the nails take on a matte chalk-white coloration, it will mean that the product will be evaporated and the surface will be ready for subsequent treatments.

At this point you can then start with the application of the BASE COAT.