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#lci cosmetics tips

How to use Infinity®, builder gel in a bottle

What is Infinity®?


No need for separate jars and brushes!

Clean application with integrated brush!

A modeling gel for nail extension that offers application like a soak off, extra strong hold like a traditional gel, and quick and easy removal.

The all-in-one application, thanks to the brush, offers a fast and flawless result, guaranteeing long and natural-looking nails.

SELF-LEVELING FORMULA, ideal base for creating nail art or for monochromatic coverage.

Video Tutorial

INFINITY: nail reconstruction

Preparation of the nail

Accessories: Gloves - File - Nippers - Finisher block - Cuticle pusher - Pressed cotton pad - Disinfectant - FluidPro®

Let's put on the gloves and get started.


We steam the client's tools and hands with disinfectant.


We dry our hands well with a towel.


With the nippers, we cut off the excess cuticles.


We push the small cuticles along the perimeter of the nail, using the cuticle pusher or the orange stick.


We use the file (side 180) to give the preferred shape to the nails.


We take the finishing block and uniformly mattify the nail.


Now with a cotton pad moistened with FluidPro, we clean the surface of the nail from dusty residues.

INFINITY application

Accessories: INFINITY Gel - Top - Pressed cotton pad - Cleaner - FluidPro® - UV or LED lamp - Cuticle oil - Primer


We apply a thin and homogeneous layer of Primer and let it dry in the air


USE AS A BASE FOR SEMI-PERMANENT : Apply a THIN and HOMOGENEOUS layer of gel, taking care not to touch the cuticles.


We catalyze in a UV lamp for 120 sec. (in LED lamp 60 sec.)


Now, with a DRY pad we eliminate the dispersion released by the Base, passing it on the surface of the nail. Don't be afraid, let's do it decisively.


USE AS A MANUFACTURER: Apply on the surface of the nail affected by depression, flaking or imperfection and work it with the brush supplied, creating the desired effect, then: smooth the surface by filling the depressed area; we recreate the damaged surface by applying it with the brush and leveling it.

EASY ELONGATION with Infinity, use the reconstruction papers and create the desired stretch, just like with a Builder Gel!
Let's use it without application limits, with a special base there is no limit to the imagination!


If you want to keep the original color of the special base , we are now ready to apply the Top. We make a homogeneous, thin layer and catalyze it in a UV lamp for 240 sec., That is 2 timer cycles (in a 120 sec. Led lamp).

If, on the other hand, we want to apply a color, from this point on we treat our nail following the advice on applying the Semi-permanent.


We take a small square of pressed cotton, moisten with the Cleaner and clean the surface from the dispersion of the Top.


At this point we can apply the cuticle oil, distributing a small amount on the perimeter of each nail. We gently massage our fingers and congratulations, we have finished our manicure with semi-permanent!

Useful tips


INFINITY is all in one, a gel ready to be worked, without using anything else


For a long nail reconstruction, it is advisable to use reconstruction papers, in order to obtain a professional result


Do not keep close to direct UV sources (lamp light, sun, etc) without cap, to prevent the product from solidifying at the entrance of the brush


If used as a base for the Semipermanent , after catalyzing in the lamp, we eliminate the dispersion layer with a dry pad and apply the desired semi-permanent.


We pay attention to position the hand well, so that all the fingers are pointing uniformly under the beam of the bulbs. We don't bend our thumbs much but we try to stretch it out as best we can.


For the removal of INFINITY we recommend the bur