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#lci cosmetics tips

How to apply the semi-permanent

Video Tutorial

How to apply the semi-permanent
Semi permanent removal

Preparation of the nail

Accessories: Gloves - File - Nippers - Finisher block - Cuticle pusher - Pressed cotton pad - Disinfectant - FluidPro®

Let's put on the gloves and get started.


We steam the client's tools and hands with disinfectant.


We dry our hands well with a towel.


With the nippers, we cut off the excess cuticles.


We push the small cuticles along the perimeter of the nail, using the cuticle pusher or the orange stick.


We use the file (side 180) to give the preferred shape to the nails.


We take the finishing block and uniformly mattify the nail.


Now with a cotton pad moistened with FluidPro, we clean the surface of the nail from dusty residues.

Application of the semi-permanent

Accessories: Color - Base - Top - Pressed cotton pad - Cleaner - FluidPro® - UV or LED lamp - Cuticle oil


We apply a THIN and HOMOGENEOUS layer of Base, being careful not to touch the cuticles.


We catalyze in a UV lamp for 120 sec. (in LED lamp 60 sec.)


Now, with a DRY pad we eliminate the dispersion released by the Base, passing it on the surface of the nail. Don't be afraid, let's do it decisively.


We apply the first layer of color (we recommend 3 total layers). Here too, we try not to dirty the cuticles and apply it evenly and subtly. We catalyze in a UV lamp for 120 sec. (in Led lamp 60 sec.) THIS POINT, LET'S REPEAT THIS 3 TIMES (3 layers of color)


Now we are ready to apply the Top. We make a homogeneous, thin layer and catalyze it in a UV lamp for 240 sec., That is 2 timer cycles (in a 120 sec. Led lamp).


We take a small square of pressed cotton, moisten with the Cleaner and clean the surface from the dispersion of the Top.


At this point we can apply the cuticle oil, distributing a small amount on the perimeter of each nail. We gently massage our fingers and congratulations, we have finished our manicure with semi-permanent!

What is dispersion?

The dispersion can be given both by the Base and by the Top. It is a thin and sticky layer caused by the excessive amount of product applied.

Useful tips


We take care not to leave any part of the nail shiny.


We always check against the light that the surface is completely opaque.


Attention, after completing this process we never touch the nail again for any reason, we could grease it again and this will create possible future sealing problems.


We do not leave any part of the nail not covered by the base. Here, too, we check by looking at the surface against the light. I recommend that it is a thin layer, otherwise, a thick layer could give problems of color duration and excessive dispersion.


We pay attention to position the hand well, so that all the fingers are pointing uniformly under the beam of the bulbs. We don't bend our thumbs much but we try to stretch it out as best we can.


We must not be in a hurry to immediately see a completely covering effect, we finish all the steps well. If we dirty the cuticles or the skin, clean with the moistened FluidPro orange stick before catalyzing in the lamp.