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100 Aluminum foil for LCI


  • Tempo di posa: 20/25 minuti
  • Il foglio di alluminio è pronto per l'uso, il pad di cotone già applicato

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100 Aluminum foil with cotton pad included

USE TO REMOVE polish - We use aluminum FOILs LCI

1 With a buffer we go to mattify the surface of the nail; we remove the thin layer of the TOP
WARNING: just mattify, without going very deep
2 At this point moisten the pressed cotton square and place it on the nail by wrapping the tip a little (the front thickness of the nail)
3 Wrap your finger with aluminum foil creating a real package
4 Let's let act for 10/15 min
5 Let's free the whole thing and with a push or orange stick we push away the polish, you will see, it will be very simple
6 Now with a buffer (white brick) we eliminate the residues
7 With a brush we clean the dusty residues and apply, if welcome, a drop of cuticles oil. We massage gently.