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ACRYGEL 30 ml - Transparent LCI

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Worth 13 LCI Points
  • Without harmful substances
  • 120 second LEDs
  • Ideal for maxi stretches and refills
  • Lasts more than 4 weeks

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Size: 30 ml


• Size: 30 ml
• LED&UV technology
• Polim. LED&UV 36 W: 60 sec.
• Polim. UV 36 W: 180 sec.
• Monomer-Free

RESTRUCTURA ACRYGEL is equipped with a complete formulation, there is no need to create a mixture between acrylic powder and monomer, it is already ready for use. It does not make filaments during processing, keeps the staping perfectly and is easy to file. An ideal product for both refills and stretches. It only needs a base and a final top .


- Use an abrasive block to mattify the natural nail. Remove excess dust with a brush. Apply the PRIMER (optional) and allow to air dry.
- Spread a thin layer of classic or BASE RESTRUCTURA BASE (recommended) and polymerize in the lamp. (60 sec. LED or 120 sec. UV).
- With the appropriate spatula take the right amount of ACRYGEL from the tube. Deposit the product on the nail. Use a brush 4 or 6 moistened with Cleanser and shape the product.
- Polymerize in 36 Watt UV lamp for 2 minutes or 1 minute in LED lamp (36 Watt). If a lower wattage lamp is used, extend the curing time by 1-2 minutes.
- Eliminate excess dust, file and shape the nails with a 180 file and smooth with a 180 buffer . Clean with a pad soaked in fluidpro.
- Apply the top coat (classic or dryfix) and polymerize in the lamp as instructed. Degrease if necessary.

WARNINGS: for professional use only. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with skin. Irritating to the skin and eyes. It can cause skin sensitization. In case of contact with eyes: wash immediately with plenty of water and consult your doctor. In case of ingestion: do not cause vomiting but, consult your doctor immediately and show the packaged product. Carefully read the instructions for use.

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