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  • Lasts more than 3 weeks
  • Also use it as a base for your semi-permanent
  • 120 second LEDs
  • Senza sostanze nocive


10ML Restructura BASE


RESTRUCTURA, why colored? It is based on the technique that has been successfully used for many years in face and body make-up to cover spots, scars and other imperfections. Also in this case, therefore, it guarantees a homogeneous color base, in order to facilitate the application of light colors on the nail.
Or, it is useful for those who want to rebuild and maintain an almost natural shade of the nail , without having to apply colors. Duration at least 3 weeks.


RESTRUCTURA is a BASE that will allow you to retouch and correct nail imperfections in a simple way and with perfect results as per Gel. In the specification you can:
- create a rounded effect
- restructure micro lesions and flaking of the nail, restoring strength and body
- longer service life
- create mini nail stretches
Catalyze in UV or LED lamp like a Classic BASE !


IDEO TUTORIAL Reconstruction toenail big toe without map



Repair on FLAKING, DEPRESSIONS, or use as a BASE (instead of a classic base )

Nail preparation
Accessories: Gloves - Lima - Nipper - Finisher block - Brush - Cuticle pushers - Pressed cotton pad - Disinfectant Let's put on the gloves and start. 1 We vaporize the customer's tools and hands with disinfectant. We dry our hands well with a towel.
2 With the nipper, we cut the cuticles in excess
3 We push the small cuticles along the perimeter of the nail, using the cuticle pusher or orange stick
4 We use the file (side 180) to give the preferred shape to the nails
5* We take the finishing block and evenly mattify the nail. Attention: we follow the direction of the cleavage, to avoid dilating it further
6* We eliminate dust residues, using the brush

Accessories: RESTRUCTURA - UV or LED lamp
7* We apply a HOMOGENEOUS layer of RESTRUCTURA, taking care not to touch the cuticles. We cover the flaking or depression, level the surface of the nail well, making it straight. RESTRUCTURA is a denser base than the classic, this allows us to "reconstruct" the surface of the nail in an optimal way.
8* Catalyze in UV lamp for 120 sec. (in Led lamp 60 sec.)
9 Now, with a DRY pad we eliminate the dispersion released by the BASE, passing it on the surface of the nail. Do not be afraid, let us do it decisively. What is dispersion? The dispersion can be given both by the BASE, and by the TOP. It is a thin and sticky layer caused by the excessive amount of product applied.

At this point we continue with the application of the semi-permanent LCI or in the case of colored RESTRUCTURA , we can fix with a TOP and leave the color of RESTRUCTURA we have chosen.