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Fluid Pro 500 ml LCI

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Cleaner & Remover
SIZE: 500 ml

Your ideal partner to remove the semi-permanent safely, quickly and delicately. With fluidpro you do not need to use tools that damage the nail.
In addition, its delicate scent will make its use more pleasant.

USE TO REMOVE the POLISH - We use aluminum FOILs LCI

1 With a buffer we go to mattify the surface of the nail; we remove the thin layer of the TOP
WARNING: just mattify, without going very deep
2 At this point moisten the pressed cotton square and place it on the nail by wrapping the tip a little (the front thickness of the nail)
3 Wrap your finger with aluminum foil creating a real package
4 Let's let act for 10/15 min
5 Let's free the whole thing and with a push or orange stick we push away the polish, you will see, it will be very simple
6 Now with a buffer (white brick) we eliminate the residues
7 With a brush we clean the dusty residues and apply, if welcome, a drop of cuticles oil. We massage gently.


1 We moisten a square of pressed cotton (PAD LCI)
2 We very gently clean the surface of the nail after applying the TOP COAT. I recommend a light and very fast step to avoid mattifying the result of applying the semi-permanent

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