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MONOLITE Light Pink 15 ml - BASE gel with nylon fiber LCI

€16,03 €22,90

  • Lasts more than 3 weeks
  • Create a solid structure
  • 120 second LEDs
  • Senza sostanze nocive


Base gel - Nylon fiber

Color:C3-Light Pink

15 ml

MONOLITE Base is a base hybrid with nylon fibers for special tasks. It can be applied directly to the natural nail (such as base) and also as a layer that builds and extends the nail - up to 1 cm.

Thanks to its exceptional reinforcing properties it is the ideal solution for a weakened and demanding nail foil.

MONOLITE why colorful? It is based on the technique already successfully used for many years in face and body make-up to cover spots, scars and other imperfections. Also in this case, therefore, it base a homogeneous color color, in order to facilitate the application of light colors on the nail.

Or, it is useful for those who want to rebuild and maintain an almost natural shade of the nail, without having to apply colors.

After preparing the nail (eliminated excess cuticles, mattifying the surface, clean, etc.) apply a homogeneous layer of MONOLITE to:
- use it as BASE simple
- create a bombshell
- create a mini elongation WITHOUT USING MAPS
- create a reconstruction using maps; elongation up to 1 cm

UV LED lamp 36 W - 2 x 30 sec
UV lamp 36 W - 120 sec

MONOLITE you remove it with the use of a file (180) or a cutter, then by abrasion.


Tutorial: MONOLITE as BASE ultra solid machine for the Semipermanente