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Cuticle oil - Melon LCI

Worth 9 LCI Points
  • Without harmful substances
  • Softens cuticles and surrounding skin

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POISON, fragrant cuticle oil, 15ML

CUTICLES OIL: Cuticle oil is applied during the manicure to moisturize and nourish the nail and skin that is in contact with it. It serves to moisturize the skin around the nail in order to reduce as much as possible the formation of the skins, which could also be painful as well as ruining the aesthetics of the nail.

USE: Cuticle oil is very simple to use: it must be applied to the nail base and then it must be massaged, it is usually carried out as a routine for manicure, but in some cases more than one daily application is required. These are cases in which there are many skins and cuts caused by poor hydration or by chemical agents of aggressive detergents.

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