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Precision Curved Steel Tweezers - LCI

€6,30 €9,00


Precision curved steel tweezers

Precision tweezers is a tool specially designed to take different types of nail art decorations, such as dried flowers, flakes and nail foils.

The very thin and curved vertices of this tweezers for nail art allow you to pick up even the finest and most impalpable decorations, while the ergonomic handle allows a secure grip on the instrument and guarantees fluid and precise movements.

Characterized by a solid body and small dimensions, the Passioneunghie precision tweezers is robust and easy to handle, and is made of stainless steel with a satin effect finish.

Cleaning and disinfection

the instrument is very resistant, even to corrosion, and is disinfectable with Peracetic, LH Enzyclean and Autoclave.