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Carbide Cone Refill LCI Tip - Very low abrasiveness

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Cutter bit

Carbide Cone Yellow is a very low abrasive cone tip for finishing, refilling and removing semi-permanent. It was designed to define very precisely reconstruction structures in manufacturer gel, AcrilGel and acrylic. Thanks to the conical shape and the grain with very low abrasiveness, this tip is also very useful to perform refills with greater safety and to remove semi-permanent processes.

It is made of tungsten carbide, a very resistant metal that guarantees a long life and ensures that it does not produce excessive heat during use.

To obtain an optimal result, it is advisable to use the tip from 15,000 r / min up to a maximum of 20,000 r / min;

Cleaning and disinfection

Punta Carbide Cone Yellow can be sterilized by hot process, in autoclave or with septaldehyde.