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Carbide Cuticle LCI Tip - Low Abrasiveness

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Cutter bit

Carbide Cuticole is a hexagonal cone tip useful for finishing the gyrocuticole. It has been designed to act very effectively and non-invasively, and is therefore recommended for hypersensitive cuticles and prone to bleeding.

It is made of tungsten carbide, a very resistant metal that guarantees a long life and ensures that it does not produce excessive heat during use.

To obtain an optimal result, it is advisable to use the tip from 15,000 r / min up to a maximum of 25,000 r / min; it works in both directions of rotation and is also suitable for left-handers.

Cleaning and disinfection

The Cuticole Soft Tip can be sterilized by hot process, in autoclave or with septaldehyde