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T25925C0M0F0 VERDE

Carbide LCI Tip Shark Cone Series - High Abrasiveness



Cutter bit

Cutter bit - High Abrasiveness Gold finish

It is designed for the removal of Gel and Acrylic

New cone shape with flat tip, designed not to damage the gyro-cuticles. It has 3 different abrasion intensities (delicate at the tip, medium in the central part, greater at the base), thanks to the grooves of different sizes

The shape of the tip, conical and straight, shapes the structure without creating depressions and works in both directions of rotation

Also suitable for left-handers - For professional use


It is made of tungsten carbide, which ensures a long service life

Shank Material: Stainless Steel

We recommend sterilizing the tips with a hot process, in an autoclave or with septaldehyde

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