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Too short, bitten nails?

Short nails? That they break or that you eat each other? Stop.
It's time for a lifestyle change! Your hands are your business card and above all your nails!
There are products that can eliminate your vice (bitter glazes) and special products for lengthening and strengthening them.

How to cure them
First of all, remove the cuticles with the Cuticle remover (woe to cut them!) And file them with a cardboard file to give them a precise shape. Use cuticle oil to strengthen your nails; bitten nails are the weakest. Use clear nail polish to cover flaws.

After removing the cuticles, proceed with giving your nails a shape.
The most suitable shapes for short nails are the following:

- round: use a rounded crescent file to be able to thin out the corners. Start filing from the outside following the shape you would like to obtain.

- square: choose a traditional American file. Start from the central part of the nail and file gently with linear movements.

Suitable colors
Never use dark nail polishes because they will highlight the defects of the nail and especially their length. Go for bright colors like red and orange and also delicate colors like pastels and pinks.

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