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LCI World Blog

Why does the enamel peel off or not hold?

The semi-permanent nail polishes, even if they seem to be, are not all the same at all but they differ a lot in chemical composition, characteristics, type, obviously the quality of the product considerably affects the result.
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Tips and questions on the Semi-Permanent

Are you a lover of semi-permanent nail polish? Or are you a beginner? Perhaps you have always asked yourself questions that you have not been answered.
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The harmful ingredients in nail polishes and cosmetics.

Production plant according to EN ISO 22716 accredited by the best European certification bodies. LCI enamel has been formulated without the use of 3 very dangerous substances that are very harmful to those who are in contact with them or breathe them:
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What is the nail polish or gel refill?

This is the operation that involves filling the part of the nail plate that has grown and, therefore, devoid of reconstruction.

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How to easily remove the Gel Polish

Removing the LCI Gel Polish is very easy and you can do it in just 4 steps!

It is important to know that to remove the LCI enamel it is absolutely not necessary to use the electric bur,

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Too short, bitten nails?

Short nails? That they break or that you eat each other? Stop.
It's time for a lifestyle change! Your hands are your business card and above all your nails!
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