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Tips and questions on the Semi-Permanent


Are you a lover of semi-permanent nail polish? Or are you a beginner? Perhaps you have always asked yourself questions that you have not been answered. Semi-permanent nail polish is undoubtedly an excellent element for those who want to always have impeccable hands and for those who do not have time to apply normal nail polishes every 2/3 days.

In addition to being easy to apply, the semi-permanent product has a long duration (3/4 weeks). Let's now answer the most frequently asked questions and provide you with the best advice.

Nail cleaning
The nails must be properly cleaned before application, this can be achieved by degreasing the surface of the natural nail with a special degreaser. It will allow you to remove the oily and greasy patina present on the natural nail, and therefore contribute to the adhesion of the semi-permanent to the nail.

Can semi-permanent nail polish be applied to brittle nails?
Certainly. Semi-permanent nail polish strengthens the most fragile nails, promoting their growth (if applied correctly and using the right products) as long as your nails are not too fragile and damaged ...

The Gel Polish will create a thick layer on the nails, greatly decreasing the possibility of the nail breaking. If your nails are already very fragile, it is essential to never file the nail polish to remove it, because you could also file the protective layer of the nail, making it even weaker and brittle. To remove it correctly you have to follow the right procedure. Read how to do it here>

Is it bad for your nails?
In particular, our Semi-Permanent Nail Polish is Acid-free and does not contain formaldehyde, toulene, dbp (dibutylphthalate) acidic and harmful substances for the nails.

Who is it suitable for
The semi-permanent nail polish is particularly suitable for those who have natural nails that are not gnawed and not altered by nail biting, for those who want to have a perfect manicure (and / or pedicure) that lasts over time, without resorting to gel, reconstruction and their excessive curvature.

Tips for the duration
Correct procedure for semi-permanent nail polish:

Semi-permanent nail polish has a smoother consistency than gel, but if treated with care, it can last as long.

Here are the basic tips to follow:

The Top Coat: using a good top coat will give the semi-permanent enamel the glass effect and above all make it last several weeks. The polish will help prevent the nail polish from chipping and scratching.

The Primer : it's essential! is the adhesion promoter, and serves to promote the adhesion of the enamel to the nail.

Quality of the enamel: fundamental to increase the duration of the enamel is the quality! A quality gel polish has a guaranteed duration of at least 3 weeks. And not only the nail polish but also all the products as a base and top coat.

Attention during application: in particular when the nail is not adequately covered with the final sealant / polish, even in its thickness. It must be applied up to the end of the nail, and it must also be spread in the thickness, covering it entirely (see image on the side), the same thing applies to the colored Semi-Permanent Nail Polish.

The tip of the nail is the point where the enamel tends to chip off the most, if it is not covered well after a few days the color will flake off.

Leave the margin: it is recommended to always leave a slight margin of space (e.g. 1 mm or less) after the cuticles (cuticles). If you blot with the color or polish over the cuticles, as the nail grows a "step" forms in the enamel, this over time has a greater chance of rising and then detaching.

Semi-permanent nail polish or gel?
The choice between semi-permanent nail polish and gel is a personal choice. However, it must be taken into account that gel reconstruction is more aggressive, and more complicated to perform, especially for those who are not experts in the sector.

Is the semi-permanent nail polish resistant to water?
Obvious that. We are not talking about a simple nail polish that comes off after 2 or 3 days. The semi-permanent nail polish has a minimum duration of 3/4 weeks. It is chosen by those who always want perfect hands because it is resistant to everything.

How is it removed?
The Gel is easily removed in a few simple steps. Neither burs nor deep filings are required (as they could damage the nails if you are not an expert in the sector).

To remove the semi-permanent, you will need compresses with foil sheets (Remover Wraps) for a few minutes, soaked in the special solvent called Remover.

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