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Why does the enamel peel off or not hold?

Why does semi-permanent nail polish come off?

Semi-permanent nail polishes, even if they seem to be, are not all the same at all but they differ a lot in chemical composition, characteristics, type, obviously the quality of the product considerably affects the result, especially in terms of duration, so a glaze that comes off could simply be a poor product.

However, there are times when, despite the use of good quality products, the enamel comes off anyway, why does this happen?

Another fairly common reason could be that of having made mistakes during the application phase, in fact the enamel could be damaged both because the base has not been perfectly prepared in the sense that the nail has not been filed well and because it has not been applied. the right amount of product or finally because the time in the LED or UV lamp for the enamel polymerization was insufficient.

Among all these phases, however, the most responsible is the first and that is the filing, in fact, a nail that is not perfectly opacified and degreased can never be a good base for the application of the enamel, it is precisely with the filing that, in addition to making the more porous nail polish residues, dust, creams and other impurities are also eliminated that could compromise the adhesion of the enamel making it detach.

In the preparatory phase it is also good to pay attention to the cuticles that should always be pulled back and a distance between the enamel and the cuticles of 1-2 mm should be maintained because applying it in direct contact with the films could make it lift in a few days.

We must also keep in mind that there are some people who physiologically produce more sebum and this certainly does not help to make the enamel last longer because the nail is always more oily and "slippery" and the enamel may not adhere perfectly.

Finally, we must remember that the nails, like the rest of the body, are affected by hormonal influences, for example during ovulation, that is, when the estrogenic peak is at its maximum, the nails are fatter so apply the semi-permanent nail polish in this phase of the cycle. it could compromise durability so we need to pay even more attention to opacification.

But how to make it last longer without the risk of it spoiling too quickly?

1 -Always use gloves! you know, detergents are certainly not allies of the nails and they are even less so than nail polish, so remember to always use gloves when doing housework in order to avoid that the chemicals present in household cleaning products can ruin your hands. The use of gloves is also very useful because they cushion those small traumas or bumps with very frequent objects during chores (such as washing the dishes) that risk chipping the enamel.

2 -Never forget to apply the top coat! During the application of the semi-permanent nail polish there is a step that is not always given the right importance and it is the final coat with the top coat. However, this is an indispensable step both because it makes the nails immediately brighter but also, and above all, because it makes the nail polish last much longer. Furthermore, applying it well also to the tip prevents the risk of the enamel chipping or lifting, compromising aesthetics and durability.

3 - Always use quality products! As with all things, the quality of the products really makes a difference. We cannot expect to have a duration of one month and an ultrashine finish from a nail polish that we may have paid a few euros. So the first thing is to buy quality products and, if possible, rely on the hands of professionals in the sector.

4 - Be careful with creams and water! Even if the semi-permanent nail polish seems perfectly dry in the first hours after application, the polymerization is not yet perfect so it is more likely to be damaged. Immediately after putting on the semi-permanent nail polish it would be advisable to avoid keeping your hands in contact with water, especially if hot, for too long as it would be preferable to postpone the application of oils and particularly greasy hand creams.

5 -Define the shape well! It seems strange but the shape of the nail can also play a role in the shorter or longer duration of the semi-permanent nail polish. The excessively squared shape is the one that has the highest risk of chipping and getting damaged because the excessively sharp corners can easily get caught or bump against something, the advice is to always round the corners a little in order to prolong the life.

6 - Make a good manicure before application, then mattify the surface well with a file or buffer and above all remove the cuticles using the Cuticle Remover. This will ensure a hold of the enamel.

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